Friday, February 2, 2018

Sent to India, Myanmar, and Nepal...

February 2, 2018

Today I head out for a long trip to South Asia. 

Flag of India
I'll spend a couple of weeks in India where I will have the privilege of attending the Joint Asia Pastoral Conference (JAPC) along with representatives from the CLC-India, The BELC of India, the Himalayan Church of the Lutheran Confession of Nepal, the CLC-Myanmar, and the National Lutheran Church of Myanmar. It will also be nice to spend some time with Missionary Peter Evensen and Pastor Tim Daub. Following the JAPC I'll visit a few districts of the BELC with Missionary Evensen and then I will take the train a few hours north to spend a week with Jyothi Benjamin and the CLC-India. 

Flag of Myanmar
After a couple of weeks in India, I'll fly from Hyderabad India to Yangon, Myanmar. I'll meet up with Retired Pastor David Koenig who is the visiting missionary to Myanmar. I'll spend a quick day in Yangon before we fly a few hours to the west to Kalaymyo where the CLC-Myanmar has it's headquarters. We'll visit with the pastors and leaders and offer a seminar. Then we will fly back to Yangon to spend a few days with Pastor Charles Edwards of the National Lutheran Church of Myanmar where we will offer a few days of seminar.

Flag of Nepal
After a couple of weeks in Myanmar, I'll fly to Kathmandu, Nepal where I will have the privilege of being on hand for the graduation of the first class of students from the Himalayan Bible Institute of Nepal. I will also meet with the pastors, and visit a few congregations.

This will be longest I have ever been away from Beth and my family. Please keep them in your prayers... petitioning the Lord for all things necessary as we serve Him...thanking Him for the privilege of serving Him by serving others...and giving Him honor and praise for His provision in this and in all things! Thank you!

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