Thursday, October 21, 2021

October 2021 - CLC Missions Prayer List...


Tanzania – Students of the Tanzania-CLC seminary are preparing for their final exams and are scheduled to graduate and be ordained as TZ-CLC pastors in November.  Missionary Ohlmann is making preparations to be there in time to assist with final exams and to participate in the graduation and ordination service.  While in Tanzania, Missionary Ohlmann will also travel extensively through the four districts of the TZ-CLC to conduct pastoral training seminars and will visit new preaching stations in Dodoma, Mwanza, and in Maasai regions.  Thank the Lord for His protection of these students, teachers, and staff through the challenges of the past year, and ask for the Lord’s continued blessings as they finish their formal studies for the Gospel ministry.  Pray that Covid issues won’t interfere with the graduation/ordination service, seminars, and visitations that are planned.

Nigeria – A Graduation and ordination service is being planned at the Nigeria-CLC seminary for two graduates.  Outreach among several independent pastors and the congregations they serve continues in Bayelsa State.  Pray for God’s blessing for these two new graduates and the outreach efforts in Bayelsa State.

Myanmar – Life continues to be difficult for our brothers and sisters in Myanmar as the military junta continues to rule with severe brutality. Many protestors have been imprisoned, killed, or have been missing for many months.  The military has decreed that no public gatherings can take place, and this has kept many Christians from gathering for worship and prayer.  Most government offices and services remain closed along with banks and financial institutions. Food and daily necessities are scarce, and prices have inflated.  Pray for justice and peace for all the people of Myanmar.  Pray especially for our brothers and sisters in Christ that the Lord will grant them strength and courage and boldness during these difficult times.

Liberia – Pastor Joseph is getting ready for Pastor John Hein to visit in November.  They are planning seminars in four different locations while Pastor Hein is in Liberia.  They will also conduct a final colloquy with pastors and evangelists who have been studying with Pastor Hein and Pastor Kwiwalazu for the past couple of years.  Pray for safe and uneventful travels for Pastor Hein to and from Liberia and while he and the others travel to remote areas of Liberia.  Ask the Lord to give them strength to carry out the work and for blessings to open the hearts of those who will attend that they may hear, believe, and confess the truths of God’s saving word.

Togo – Construction on a classroom and small dormitory continues on the land north of Lomé.  The long-term plan for this property is to serve as the church headquarters and Bible institute.  They would like to finish the first phase of construction so that classes can begin with students in the area who have already committed.  The government of Togo has continued to enforce travel and meeting restrictions due to Covid. Missionary Evensen continues to work on translating Online Theological Studies lessons and courses into French for use in Togo and other French-speaking nations in Africa and elsewhere.  Pray that the Lord would continue to bless the construction work so that classes can begin soon.  Pray that Covid restrictions will be lifted or reduced so that classes can resume with the current students.  And ask for the Lord’s continued blessings on the translation work so that many more can benefit from learning the truths of God’s saving word in their language and that many more will be well prepared to serve in the Gospel ministry.

2022 Mission Helper Trip – The CLC Mission Helper Trip that was canceled in 2021 is tentatively scheduled for East Africa in July of 2022.  Our brothers and sisters in Christ in East Africa are eager for the Mission Helper Teams to come again to assist them in the work of proclaiming God’s saving word.  Pray that our Savior will clear any obstacles that may stand in the way of this trip and lead many young CLC members to apply.

Uganda – Pastor Daniel Mugeni has been studying with CLC missionaries and attending pastoral conferences in Kenya for many years.  Missionary Mike Gurath and Board of Doctrine member Pastor Andrew Schaller are conducting the formal process of reviewing Pastor Mugeni’s doctrinal positions for a possible recommendation for a declaration of fellowship.  Pastor Mugeni serves a congregation in Uganda and also cares for several orphan children.  Pray that the Lord would bless this process of establishing God-pleasing fellowship.  Pray for the children that Pastor Mugeni cares for and that He would be able to continue to provide for all their needs.

Nepal – Progress on the building project has been delayed due to Covid restrictions and Hindu holidays. They are nearing completion and are eager to move in and begin Bible Institute classes in January of 2022.  With a lifting of Covid restrictions, the HCLCN is planning to start more preaching stations and continue construction and repairs on church buildings in the coming months.  Thank the Lord for His continued blessings on the building project and ask Him to grant patience to Raju and his family and the students as they wait for completion.  Ask the Lord to bless the teaching of His Word in this building that many more faithful preachers and teachers will be trained to proclaim the saving truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  Pray also for those who will be reached with the Gospel during the evangelism trips that are planned, that many will hear, repent, believe in Jesus, and rejoice with us in God’s grace and mercy!

Bangladesh –Pastor Monotosh asks that we continue to pray for several individuals who have recently converted to Christianity from Hinduism.  These individuals have been physically assaulted, persecuted, and falsely accused of crimes. One man (an evangelist/elder) and his wife were assaulted.  The evangelist/elder is still hospitalized with a fractured skull and brain damage.  Ask the Lord to protect and defend His new disciple and to give him the necessary strength and courage to persevere under persecution.

India, Kenya, Zambia, D.R. Congo, and Mexico – please continue to pray for all of our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world who are struggling to stay healthy, provide for their families and the ministry as they proclaim the Gospel…trusting the promise of our Savior that His Word will not return to Him void but will accomplish that for which He sent it.

Missionary Evensen – has returned safely to his home and work in Togo where he is busy assisting Pastor Kossi in the training of pastors at the Mt. Horeb Lutheran Bible Institute.  Pray for the Lord’s continued blessings on His service to the Lord and His kingdom work in Togo.

Missionary Ohlmann – has been sidelined for quite some time due to the pandemic and issues with his passport.  He now has his passport and is planning a long-awaited visit to Tanzania in the coming weeks.   Ask the Lord to bless the trip preparations and to clear any obstacles that may stand in the way of this work.

The Philippines – Missionary Ohlmann has been corresponding for the past several months with an independent Lutheran pastor in the Philippines.  He has been leading this pastor through a series of Online Theological Studies based on the CLC Statement of Faith and Purpose.  Correspondence has been going very well.  This area of the world was recently hit by a powerful typhoon. Pastor Jordan is asking for our prayers for those who have suffered a loss.  He is also asking for our prayers for efforts to train evangelists and establish preaching stations. A visitation is being tentatively planned for some time in early 2022.  Pray that the Lord would continue to bless this correspondence, that it will lead to a God-pleasing unity of faith and teaching.  Ask the Lord to provide opportunities and all that is necessary for Pastor Jordan to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ!

New and Ongoing Opportunities – The Lord continues to provide opportunities to proclaim the truths of His saving Word in a variety of ways in different areas of the world.  Thank the Lord for the privilege of teaching the truths of His saving Word to others!  Pray for these individuals, and all those around the world that we are working with, as they seek to grow in their understanding of God’s Word to be better equipped to spread the Good News of our Savior Jesus Christ!

God be merciful to us and bless us, And cause His face to shine upon us,
That Your way may be known on earth, Your salvation among all nations. Psalm 67:1–2