Wednesday, February 10, 2021

FEB 2021 CLC Foreign Missions Prayer List...


 Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may run swiftly

and be glorified, just as it is with you...

2 Thessalonians 3:1 (NKJV)

Myanmar (NLCM) – With the recent death of Pastor Charles in Yangon, the ministry of the NLC-Myanmar is somewhat in flux. A gift from the CLC Board of Missions was recently sent to Charles’ family of five children, brother, and two sisters. Communications have been somewhat hampered by the recent military coup that essentially ended ten years of democracy. Once Covid and the new military government allow for visitors, Missionary Ohlmann will plan a trip to visit firsthand with Pastor Charles’ brother Ivan and oldest son Sam about future plans for the ministry. Pray that the Lord provides all that is needed for the NCLM to continue to proclaim the truth of God’s word in the Yangon area.

Myanmar (CLCM) – Pastor Kham reports that he and the other pastors and believers of the CLCM are healthy and well but greatly concerned about the future of their government. The military leaders have already placed restrictions on travel within the country and this has affected the transportation of goods and thus driven prices for daily necessities higher. Pray that the Lord will keep and protect and provide for His people in Kalaymyo and Chin State and that their faith will be strengthened during these uncertain times. 

Bangladesh – Several months ago Pastor Monotosh and his family were evicted from the home they had been renting because of their Christian faith. They were able to rent a different house in a new village, but the owner has forbidden any type of Christian activities. No worship services have been held in the home, but individuals have come to Pastor Monotosh for prayer and pastoral advice. Because of this, they have been asked to vacate. Bangladesh is nearly 95% Muslim. Pray for God’s guidance, strength, and courage to continue to boldly and faithfully proclaim His Law and Gospel for the salvation of souls in Bangladesh.

Nepal – Construction is well underway on the multipurpose building that is being partially funded through a CLC- MDF grant. Raju and his wife Sanju are expecting their second child in early March. Sanju has been dealing with gestational diabetes throughout the pregnancy and has been in and out of the hospital for treatment. She is currently home and doing much better. Due to Covid restrictions, classes have not yet begun again at the Himalayan Bible Institute. Pray for the Lord’s blessings, guidance, wisdom, protection, and provision in all these matters.

Zambia – After being hospitalized for Covid while visiting family in Tanzania and then delayed in his return due to border closures and other Covid restrictions, Pastor Ibrahim was finally able to return to Zambia a few weeks ago. Classes have not yet begun at the Bible Institute in Livingstone due to travel and meeting restrictions, but much work has been completed on the building and property. Thank the Lord for restoring Ibrahim to good health and providing for his safe return to the Kingdom work in Zambia.

Tanzania – Fall semester classes at the Wartburg Lutheran Seminary are scheduled to begin on February 15th. Pray for safe travels, health, and a productive semester for both students and teachers.

D.R. Congo – Pastor Yumba and CCLC continue to hold classes at the Holy Trinity Lutheran Seminary that is still under construction. Fifteen men spend their time at the seminary attending classes, studying, doing construction work on the facility, and growing much of the food they eat on the seminary property. Pray that the Lord will bless both students and teachers in this effort to train faithful ambassadors for Christ.

D.R. Congo – Pastor Jacques Pondi Lumiangu, in Kinshasa, continues to study Online Theological Studies courses with Missionary Evensen via email. Pastor Lumiangu is currently taking four men from the congregation he serves through the lessons he has completed, with the goal of training them to be faithful preachers and teachers of God’s saving word. Thank the Lord for the privilege and opportunity to be involved in the preaching and teaching of His saving word in this way.

Nigeria – President Bassey Udofa recently sent reports from the annual meetings of the NCLC. Please pray for God’s wisdom as they review and update their constitution. Pray for God’s blessings and provision on the newly established mission field in Bayelsa. Ask the Lord to provide clear direction to the newly appointed NCLC Children’s’ Home Committee.  Seek God’s blessings for the new semester at the seminary and to bring more new students. Thank our Heavenly Father for the years of service to His kingdom work in Nigeria as they celebrate the retirement of Pastor Ufot Sunday Umoren.

Togo/Ghana/Benin – Missionary Evensen reports that worship services have resumed at the local Lomé congregation (the congregations outside of Lomé resumed services a while back). Just this week the government is considering closing all churches in Lomé again. Seminary classes have also begun again with extended hours as they try to make up for lost time. Pray that they will be able to continue having classes without interruption.

Liberia – Pastor Joseph and the congregation he serves are about to begin construction on a church building. They plan to begin foundation work during the dry season. Pray that the Lord would bless and provide for this project so that it can be completed in a timely manner for the furtherance of the Gospel in Liberia.

Uganda – Pastor Daniel was recently involved in a motorcycle accident. He sustained several injuries, but none are life-threatening. Praise the Lord for His protection of His servant and for providing for His physical care. Pray for a quick and full recovery.

India – The BELC recently completed their monthly two-day leaders’ seminar. The Martin Luther Bible School graduation is scheduled for April 8. The CLCI seminary continues to have classes. Pray for God’s continued blessings and protection for the sheep of His India flock as they continue to face persecution and hardship under the rule of Hindu nationalists.

New and Ongoing Contacts – The Lord continues to provide new opportunities to proclaim the truths of His saving word in different areas of the world in places such as South Sudan, Pakistan, Yemen, Egypt, Burundi, Senegal, Congo, Puerto Rico, Russia, and Italy. Thank the Lord for the privilege of teaching His word to others! And Pray for these individuals as they seek to grow in their understanding of God’s word and be better equipped to spread the Gospel in the places they live.

Burundi – The contact in Burundi has started an Online Bible School with four students using the Online Theological Studies correspondence lessons that have been translated into French and taught by Missionary Evensen via email. Pray for the Lord’s blessings on this effort to teach the truth of God’s saving word in Burundi.

South Sudan – Pastor Nathaniel Bol has been in contact with the CLC since the 2017 CLC Mission Helper Trip to East Africa when the Lord provided him the opportunity to attend a CLC-Kenya worship service with Mission Helpers in attendance. Since that time, he has corresponded extensively with Pastor Paul Nolting and has completed the CLC introductory Online Theological Studies course with Missionary Ohlmann. Pastor Bol has expressed his agreement with the doctrine of the CLC and a desire to continue Online Theological Studies. Once international travel has resumed a visitation to South Sudan to meet face to face will be planned. Thank the Lord for the privilege of proclaiming His word and this opportunity in South Sudan.