Monday, June 5, 2017

Haiti - Day #6 (Heading Home)

Joel and I have had a productive five days here in Haiti. We've had several good meetings/discussions with the leadership, visited an orphanage, met with and taught eighteen men in two different locations outside of Port-au-Prince who are serving as pastors but recognize their need for and are requesting more training in the Word, attended a wedding, and enjoyed the beautiful weather that the Lord provided for our visit.

Church under construction
Pastors in training north of Port-au-Prince
Pastors in training south of Port-au-Prince
Church under construction
The view of Port-au-Prince from behind the church building
Orphans waiting to eat.
Back wall of the orphanage. Damaged by the earthquake seven years ago.
Cooking facilities for the orphanage

One meal a day being prepared for the orphans
One meal a day being prepared for the orphans
We'll have one more meeting in about an hour before we head to the airport. We will discuss the details of our possible involvement in helping to train faithful pastors for the work of spreading the truth of God's saving word among the people of Haiti.
Your prayers have been appreciated! Please ask the Lord to bless us with safe travel home.