Sunday, January 28, 2018

Tanzania - January 2018

With my time in Tanzania quickly drawing to a close and reliable internet access for the next few hours, it's time to jot down some thoughts and post a few pictures from the visit.

The CLC-Tanzania has four districts that are lead by four seasoned pastors who have been working with the CLC for past several years. These districts are all located along the North-East part of the country. 
Districts of the CLC-Tanzania
The four pastors who serve as the officers of the CLC-TZ and also as district chairmen did a great job of putting together a schedule for the time I would be in Tanzania. I was able to spend time in each district to conduct a pastoral training seminars and visit a few congregations. We also had a general pastoral conference with the district chairmen and two pastors from each district at the beginning of the visit.  There was also a short visit to Dar es Salaam to meet with a small independent congregation that was started by a son of one of the district chairmen. 

Here's a few pictures and videos from the trip...

Leaders of the Himo Congregation in the Moshi District of the CLC-TZ

Maasai Congregation at Msito wa Tembo of the Moshi District of the CLC-TZ

Maasai Congregation at Mbuyuni in the Arusha District of the CLC-TZ
Maasai mother at the CLC-TZ congregation in Olunkai of the Arusha District

Young Maasai mother at Olunkai CLC-TZ congregation

Pastor Jeremia Issanga and one of his banana trees
Receiving a gift from the senior Maasai mama in Olunkai

Moshi District Pastors' Conference 
Arusha District Pastors' Conference
A clearing of the clouds provided a rare glimpse of Mt. Kilimanjaro from Moshi, TZ

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Mission Opportunities Prayer List - 25 JAN 2018

CLC Mission Opportunities Prayer List
25 JAN 2018
1.    Nepal – On January 16th, the Lord blessed Raju and Sanju Bhitrakoti with a healthy baby boy. Sanju was recently been admitted to the hospital to be treated for high blood pressure.

2.    Mexico – Earlier this month, Pastor Juan Jose Olvera and his family were involved in a hit and run automobile accident. He and his two children were treated an released but his wife was in the hospital for extended treatment. The CLC Board of Missions approved some emergency funds for the hospital expenses.

3.    Myanmar – While Pastor Thang was visiting the congregations of the CLC-Myanmar in Chin State he began suffering from some sort of disease that caused partial paralysis. He was admitted and treated at a hospital near the Myanmar/India border. He needs several injections to treat the condition. With the help of the members of the CLC-Myanmar he was able to receive the initial treatment. The CLC Board of Missions approved emergency funding for the remaining injections. He is hoping that he will recover quickly and be healthy enough to attend the Joint Asia Pastoral conference in early Februay.

4.    Tanzania – The district chairmen of the CLC-Tanzania have sent a proposal to begin formal training of pastors to the CLC Bd of Missions for their consideration at their April meetings. The name they have proposed for the school is Wartburg Lutheran Theological Seminary of Tanzania.

5.    Tanzania – A new CLC-TZ congregation is beginning in Dar es Salaam. This congregation regularly has Muslim women who attend secretly because they are forbidden by their husbands and families.

6.    Tanzania – A pastor of a Maasai congregation in Msito we Tembo passed away on Monday, January 22nd from a stroke. The congregation is the only Christian congregation in the area and will now be served from a distance until another pastor can be trained to take his place. The funeral will be held on Friday, January 26th.

7.    Tanzania – Pastors from the CLC-TZ will be visiting new contacts in Mwanza in the North-West part of the country. These contacts are a group of ten pastors and congregations who had left the ELCT (the ELCA of Tanzania) several years ago and have been inquiring about the CLC for the past few years.

8.    Tanzania – Pastors of the CLC-TZ will also be visiting contacts on the island of Zanzibar in the coming months. There are at least four pastors who have interest in the CLC-TZ.

9.    Tanzania – Pastor Malyi, who serves as the chairman of the Moshi district of the CLC-TZ has diabetes and suffered a heart attack about a year ago. He has been slowly recovering from the heart-attack and is being treated for diabetes. He spent quite a bit of time in the hospital and has a lot of medical bills. The CLC Bd of Mission was able to assist him with some of his medical debt so that he was able pay for his medications,

10.  Zambia – A severe Cholera outbreak has recently hit the large city of Lusaka where Pastor Ibrahim is living and working. The government had issued an order for all public offices, schools, and church services to be closed. Pastor Ibrahim was able to leave Lusaka for a few weeks during the epidemic. He will return on January 26th.

11.  India – New rules and regulations that govern the transfer of money to India from foreign countries has created a great deal of difficulties for our CLC Treasurer and our brothers and sisters of the CLCI.

12.  India/Asia – The CLC-India, BELC-India, CLC-Myanmar, National Lutheran Church of Myanmar, and the Himalayan CLC of Nepal are all making preparations for the 2018 Joint Asia Pastoral Conference scheduled for early February. This conference will be held in Nellore where the BELC has a congregation. Pastor Tim Daub is making plans to attend as well. Missionary Ohlmann will be in India during this time and will also be privileged to attend.

13.  Myanmar – Part-Time Visiting Missionary David Koenig and Missionary Ohlmann are making plans to visit Myanmar in late February. Seminars will be held with both church bodies that we work with in Myanmar. The National Lutheran Church is located in Yangon on the South-East border and the CLC-Myanmar is located on the South-West border.

14.  Nepal – Following the Myanmar visit, Missionary Ohlmann will be in Nepal in March to work with the pastors and leaders of the HCLCN.

15.  Individuals in Senegal, DR Congo, Haiti, Zimbabwe, and Bangladesh continue formal Online Theological Studies correspondence courses.

16.  Missionary Ohlmann – will be traveling to India, Myanmar, Nepal, and Haiti to work with pastors and leaders over the next few months. 

Monday, January 8, 2018

Sent to Tanzania...

It's been almost three years since we've made a visit to Tanzania. The last time was in July of 2015 when the Mission Helper team was there. Pastor Nathanael Mayhew had served the CLC-Tanzania as our Part-Time Visiting Missionary for several years and was a part of the 2015 Mission Helper trip. The plan was for Pastor Mayhew to accompany me on this trip, but the Lord had other plans. Pastor Mayhew had an appendicitis recently that required surgery so he won't be able to make the trip. While it is disappointing that we won't be able to travel together, I'm also thankful that the appendicitis didn't happen on a bus somewhere in the middle of Tanzania. The Lord's plans are always best!

My flight leaves from Minneapolis today (1/8) around 3 pm. I'll route through Amsterdam again this trip but the layover isn't really long enough to get out of the airport and look around. Maybe on the way back. I'm leaving from MSP this time because my family and I were able to spend a few days with our new grandson who was received the washing of regeneration and the renewing of the Holy Spirit through the water and word of baptism (Titus 3:4-5) yesterday.

I am excited to get back to Tanzania. The last time I was there was in 2012 when I led the Mission Helper Team to Tanzania. While I am there my schedule includes hosting a general pastoral conference for the pastors of the three districts of the CLC-TZ. I will also visit the three districts in Arusha, Moshi, and Mkanya and teach pastoral training lessons. The CLC-TZ also has contacts in Dar es Salaam that we are planning to visit. All of this will make for a busy three weeks.

 CLC-Tanzania Districts