Sunday, January 28, 2018

Tanzania - January 2018

With my time in Tanzania quickly drawing to a close and reliable internet access for the next few hours, it's time to jot down some thoughts and post a few pictures from the visit.

The CLC-Tanzania has four districts that are lead by four seasoned pastors who have been working with the CLC for past several years. These districts are all located along the North-East part of the country. 
Districts of the CLC-Tanzania
The four pastors who serve as the officers of the CLC-TZ and also as district chairmen did a great job of putting together a schedule for the time I would be in Tanzania. I was able to spend time in each district to conduct a pastoral training seminars and visit a few congregations. We also had a general pastoral conference with the district chairmen and two pastors from each district at the beginning of the visit.  There was also a short visit to Dar es Salaam to meet with a small independent congregation that was started by a son of one of the district chairmen. 

Here's a few pictures and videos from the trip...

Leaders of the Himo Congregation in the Moshi District of the CLC-TZ

Maasai Congregation at Msito wa Tembo of the Moshi District of the CLC-TZ

Maasai Congregation at Mbuyuni in the Arusha District of the CLC-TZ
Maasai mother at the CLC-TZ congregation in Olunkai of the Arusha District

Young Maasai mother at Olunkai CLC-TZ congregation

Pastor Jeremia Issanga and one of his banana trees
Receiving a gift from the senior Maasai mama in Olunkai

Moshi District Pastors' Conference 
Arusha District Pastors' Conference
A clearing of the clouds provided a rare glimpse of Mt. Kilimanjaro from Moshi, TZ

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