Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Update on My Neck Injury...

I'll give you the short story. If you want the long one...give me a call. 

I had an x-ray and appointment on Monday, Sep. 11, 2017 morning, but I wasn't able to actually speak with the neurosurgeon until Tuesday morning since he was in surgery most of day on Monday.

The nurse practitioner that saw me at my appointment ordered a second set of x-rays because the first set seemed to show that the fractured bone fragment had shifted and she wasn't sure about the angle of the x-ray. The neurosurgeon had a chance to review all the x-rays and he called on Tuesday to let me know that everything looks really good and the new x-rays definitively show no movement!

They want to get me out of the neck brace as soon as possible so I don't lose muscle tone and range of motion in my neck. So I have medication to help relax the muscles and I only need to wear the neck brace when I leave the house. Still no strenuous activity or heavy lifting for another four weeks but they said I could travel as long as someone else is along to drive and carry my luggage. They advised me to wait another month before I make plans for international travel.

It seems that the Lord is answering prayers for a quick recovery. Thank you for your prayers and concern...much appreciated!