Thursday, November 16, 2017

CLC Mission Opportunities Prayer List...Nov. 16, 2017

I’ve been keeping a mental prayer list for quite a while. But this week I decided to type it up and share it on this blog. I’m prayerfully hoping that this will achieve a few goals in service to the Kingdom of God and for His honor and glory...
  • Keep me and others mindful of the importance of praying for each other and the work of God’s Kingdom.
  • Keep an ongoing list of what’s “currently” going on in the CLC mission fields.
  • Keep the privilege of being about this work front and center for me and others.
  • Keep these petitions and thanksgivings before the throne of the One who is always faithful.
CLC Mission Opportunities Prayer List:
1.  Sanju Bhitrakoti – was diagnosed with gestational diabetes. She spent several days in the hospital. She is now home on bed rest. Baby is due in early January. 
2.  Political unrest in Zimbabwe as the military has taken over control. 
3.  Pastor John Hein and Pastor Em. Dave Koenig are working in Liberia. They will be there from November 8-26. 
4.  Thanksgiving for newly declared fellowship with pastors and believers in Liberia. 
5.  Individuals in Senegal, DR Congo, Haiti, and Bangladesh have begun formal Online Theological Studies correspondence courses this month. 
6.  Pastor Jeremiah Roody (Haiti), whose wife gave birth to their first child, a son named Zamar Jeremiah, born on November 14th. He and his wife have been with family in the Dominican Republic for the past few weeks so the baby would be born in a good hospital. 
7.  The eleven pastors/students in Zambia who are preparing for their final exams after three years of instruction from Pastor Ibrahim. They have succesfully complted a written exam and will go through an oral examination when I 'm there in December. 
8.  Raju and the Himalayan Bible Institute students in Nepal as they prepare for their November class schedule. (The students in Nepal meet one week (six days) of each month for 12 hours each day for pastoral training. They return to their home congregations and work with the local pastor during the other three weeks of the month) 
9.  David Reim, pastor of our CLC Mission congregation in Vernon, BC, Canada had a heart attack a week ago. He received immediate care at a local hospital where they treated a blocked artery with a stent. He is home resting and recovering for the next several weeks. Thank the Lord for His faithfulness in protecting His servant’s life. 
10.Pastors from the Nigerian-CLC of the Lutheran Confession and MELC in Togo will meet at the NCLC headquarters in Efa, Nigeria for the 2017 West Africa Pastoral Conference and 500th Anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation. Pray for safe travels and that the Lord will bless their time together in His word. 
11.Preparations for Pastor Mayhew and my visit to Tanzania in early 2018. It has been three years since the last CLC visitation to Tanzania and there is much work to be done. We will conduct pastoral training seminars and will also be investigating opportunities to reestablish organized efforts to train pastors.
12.Pastor Liberty Atawa in Zimbabwe as this nation is involved in political turmoil after the military takeover of the country's infrastructure. Pastor Atawa continues to receive Theological training via email correspondence courses. There has been no visits to Zimbabwe since 2010. We are hoping another visit can be scheduled soon.
13.The MELC in Togo has just recently been approved by the Togo government to begin caring for orphans and providing for children in need in the impoverished portion of the city of Lome where the main congregation is located. Through Kinship sponsorship they are now caring for five orphans. They are also providing help with a weekly nutrition program, clothing, school supplies, and a weekly Bible school. 
14.Pastor Olvera in Mexico is beginning effort to formally train three men to assist him in spreading the Gospel as the Lord opens doors of opportunity.
15.The BELC in India continues to train new men for leadership roles as the opportunities to start new pastoral training districts increase. 
16.The CLC-India makes preparation for their Christmas outreach efforts. Pray that the recent anti-Christian rhetoric does not interfere with their to proclaim the birth of the Savior of the world.
17. One of the orphans in Myanmar recently had appendicitis and had to have surgery. Thank the Lord that Kinship was able to offer some financial assistance. Pray for a full recovery and no complications.

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