Thursday, July 22, 2021

July 2021 CLC Foreign Missions Prayer List...

Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may run swiftly and be glorified, just as it is with you... 2 Thessalonians 3:1

India – Pastor T. Sampath, who has served faithfully as a district chairman in the BELC for many years, has been admitted to the hospital in Chennai for heart surgery.  Pray that the Lord would bless the efforts of the doctors and staff as they use their God-given gifts to treat our brother in Christ that the surgery will be successful.  Ask the Lord to give comfort and strength to Sampath’s family and to the many souls that he serves.

Myanmar – Many in this country continue to struggle through the uncertainty and despair of the February military coup. Many are living in fear of daily conflicts and violence. Daily food and necessities are scarce and banks and most businesses remain closed. The pandemic has hit Myanmar very hard and reports indicate that the military Junta is withholding Covid vaccines, treatments, and even oxygen supplies as a way to control the people. Our brothers and sisters in Christ in Myanmar are suffering. The CLC has been unable to send financial resources, Kinship sponsorships for the children, and Covid relief aid. Pray that the Lord will keep and protect and provide for the sheep of His Myanmar flock, especially our brothers and sisters in Yangon, Kalaymyo, and Chin State. Pray that the truth of God’s word will have free course to strengthen and encourage the faith of His children and that many more will be brought to faith and find hope in Jesus during these uncertain times and always.

India – Pastor Jyothi B. in India, who was hospitalized in the ICU for several days while he was treated for a rather severe case of Covid, was able to return to his home a few weeks ago. He is still dealing with some weakness but has been able to return to work and has been active in assisting with the distribution of Covid Aid to those of the CLCI who are in need. Continue to Pray for complete healing along with God’s strength, comfort, and courage for Jyothi, his family, and the many souls that he serves.

Nepal – Progress on the building project has been delayed by a couple of months due to the pandemic. Raju reports that they hope to be able to, at least partially, move in by late September and then begin hosting students and begin seminary classes as soon as October.  Thank the Lord for His continued blessings on this project and ask Him to grant patience to Raju and his family and the students as they wait for completion. And then ask the Lord to bless the teaching of His word in this building that many more faithful preachers and teachers will be trained to proclaim the saving truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Nigeria – Mark Bohde and Missionary Ohlmann are planning a visit to Nigeria to conduct a pastoral training seminar and to meet with the various Nigeria-CLC boards and committees. Ask the Lord to bless these preparations over the next few weeks that visas will be granted and that Covid travel restrictions will not hinder these plans to do the Lord’s work.

Bangladesh –Pastor M. asks that we continue to pray for a man who was recently converted to Christianity from Hinduism. This man has been assaulted, persecuted, and falsely accused of crimes by his family, and was arrested in an effort to force him to return to Hinduism. Pray that the Lord will bless the printing and distribution of the Catechisms as a tool to train more believers in the saving truths of Scripture. Ask the Lord to protect and defend His new disciple and to give him the necessary strength and courage to persevere under persecution.

Christian School Instructor Supervisor (CSIS) - Retired teacher, Ted Quade, who also serves as the chairman of the Kinship Committee, has accepted this call. This new position was created to aid the school headmasters and teachers in the schools that Kinship supports in Kenya. The CSIS will offer support and encouragement in the area of teaching Bible stories, teaching methods, and classroom management, as well as Christian Doctrine and Christian leadership.   Ask the Lord to bless Ted with the necessary wisdom, patience, zeal, and love for this work. And pray that the Lord would bless those with whom he will be working, that they too will be gifted with wisdom, patience, zeal, and love for the work they have been given by the Lord. And pray for the children entrusted to the care of these two schools in Kenya that they may grow in the understanding of God’s saving word, that faith in Jesus will be their guide and strength through life and into eternity.

Liberia – Pastor Joseph K., who was involved in a serious motor vehicle accident a couple of months ago, is still struggling in his recovery. He is working with a bone specialist to treat both knee caps and one finger. Pray that the Lord will bless his treatments and grant full recovery from his injuries.  

Uganda – Pastor Daniel Mugeni has been studying with CLC missionaries and attending pastoral conferences in Kenya for many years. Missionary Mike Gurath, along with a representative of the CLC appointed by President Eichstadt, will begin the formal process of reviewing Pastor Mugeni’s doctrinal positions for a possible recommendation for a declaration of fellowship. Pastor Mugeni serves a congregation in Uganda and also cares for several orphan children. Pray that the Lord would bless this process of establishing God-pleasing fellowship. Pray for the children that Pastor Mugeni cares for and that He would continue to provide for all their needs. Ask the Lord to continue to bless the preaching and teaching of His saving word in Uganda that many more will be led to repent and believe in Jesus Christ for salvation.

Togo, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, D.R. Congo, and Mexico – please continue to pray for all of our brothers and sisters in Christ around the world who are struggling to stay healthy, provide for their families and the ministry as they proclaim the Gospel…trusting the promise of our Savior that His word will not return to Him void but will accomplish that for which He sent it.

 Mission Trips – are being planned for Nigeria and East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia, and Uganda) over the next few months. The Covid pandemic continues to make planning uncertain. Ask the Lord to bless the trip preparations and to clear any obstacles that may stand in the way of this work.

Missionary Evensen – was able to return to the U.S. for a furlough. He is now ready to return to Togo to continue the work of assisting in the training of pastors at the Mt. Horeb Lutheran Bible Institute. His flight leaves on July 27thThank the Lord for his safe travel back to the U.S., his service to the Lord at our CLC convention, and time spent with family and friends. Pray for safe and uneventful travels back to Togo and for continued blessings on His service to the Lord and His kingdom work in Togo.

New and Ongoing Opportunities – The Lord continues to provide opportunities to proclaim the truths of His saving word in different areas of the world in places such as South Sudan, Pakistan, Yemen, Egypt, Puerto Rico, Haiti, the Philippines, Russia, and Italy. Thank the Lord for the privilege of teaching His word to others!  Pray for these individuals as they seek to grow in their understanding of God’s word to be better equipped to spread the Gospel.