Monday, January 31, 2022

Kenya Visit FEB 2022

It's been more than ten years since the first and last time I visited our brothers and sisters in Christ in Kenya.  With Pastor/Missionary Mike Gurath faithfully serving this mission field, and so many other places to visit, I haven't had the opportunity to go back...until now.  I've been looking forward to going back, putting faces to names again, and getting re-acquainted with the pastors, leaders, teachers, and congregations in the Kisii and Moi's Bridge area.  These are two areas in Kenya where the CLC supports elementary schools through Kinship and where we work to assist in training more faithful preachers and teachers of the truths of God's saving Word.

I'll be traveling with retired CLC teacher Ted Quade, who also serves as the chairman of the CLC-Kinship Committee.  He recently accepted a divine call from the Lord through the CLC-Board of Missions to serve as the Christian School Instructor Supervisor.  This will be Ted's second trip to Kenya, but his first serving in this new role.  This is primarily a fact-finding trip for Ted to assess the needs and discuss how he can best serve.   

Ted and I will meet up at the airport in Minneapolis and then travel together through Paris and then to Nairobi.  We'll have a quick overnight in Nairobi before heading north to Kitale by rented car and driver.  In Kitale, we have a busy week planned meeting with the teachers, pastors, and leaders of the Emmaus Millimani School and the local congregation in Moi's Bridge.  We also have meetings lined up with pastors from Uganda and South Sudan who will come to Kitale. 

This trip also presents a long-overdue opportunity for the final face-to-face CLC colloquy review with Pastor Calvin Luvisha.  He has been studying theological courses by correspondence with Pastors Mike Gurath and Paul Nolting for several years and is now ready for the next step.  President Eichstadt has asked Ted and me to represent the CLC for this final phase of the colloquy process.  Pastor Luvisha has recently completed the colloquy correspondence via email with Pastor Paul Nolting and is excited to formally apply for fellowship with the CLC and the CLC-Kenya.  Representatives of the CLC-Kenya will also be with us to review. 

Ted will also be meeting with and working with the staff at the school to find ways to improve communication and develop a program to provide more thorough Biblical Christian training for both the students and the teaching staff of the school.  This is the real purpose of Ted's assist our brothers and sisters in Christ of the two schools that we help to support to faithfully teach the truths of God's saving Word to the little children that the Lord has given them the opportunity to teach.

After about a week in the Kitale area, we will head southwest to the Kisii area, where St. David's Kinship Academy is located near Etago.  We will spend our time there meeting and working with the teachers, pastors, and leaders of the school and local congregation to help develop a program like the one mentioned above.

It will be a busy couple of weeks.  We hope to accomplish much for the Lord's kingdom with His blessings.  Your prayers for safe and uneventful travel and a productive two weeks in Kenya are requested and much appreciated.

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