Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Sent to Nigeria...Nov. 2018

I have been in Nigeria since leaving Togo a couple of weeks ago. Togo and Nigeria do not share a border, but almost. The country of Benin stands between them. Benin is only 75 miles wide at the coastline but in some areas it's around 200 miles wide. 

I traveled to Nigeria to host and attend the 2018 West Africa CLC Pastoral Conference to be held in Apa, Nigeria where Grace Lutheran Church of the NCLC is located. This town is located very near the Nigeria/Benin border in the extreme south-west corner of Nigeria.
Pastors in attendance at the West Africa CLC Pastoral Conference
The conference had pastors, evangelists, and visitors from Liberia, Ghana, Togo, Benin, Nigeria, and the U.S. in attendance. Our theme for the Conference was "The One Thing Needed" in reference to Jesus and His word taken from Luke 10:42.
Pastor Joseph Kwiwalazu from Liberia delivering an essay titled: God's Word is Sufficient for Evangelism
Following the pastoral conference I traveled to Akwa Ibom State which is located in the Niger Delta area in the South-Central part of Nigeria. Efa is a village in Akwa Ibom where the Nigeria-CLC is headquartered and where the NCLC Luther Bible Institute is located. While in Efa I had meetings with several NCLC Boards and Committees to discuss their work, challenges, and future plans.
NCLC Luther Bible Institute Classroom, Library, and Study Hall Building near Efa, Nigeria
NCLC Luther Bible Institute Classroom
There are two individuals who are scheduled to graduate from the five year seminary course of the Bible Institute. On December 15th they will receive their diplomas, be ordained, and will be assigned to the congregation they will serve. God willing, there will be six new students enrolled and beginning the five year course in January.

I will be heading home soon just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving with my family!

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