Wednesday, December 1, 2021

November 2021 - CLC Missions Prayer List

Myanmar – Life continues to be difficult for our brothers and sisters in Myanmar as the military junta continues to rule with severe brutality, especially in Chin State where the CLC-Myanmar is located. Just recently we were informed by Pastor K. of the CLC-Myanmar that soldiers came to his home and demanded money. When he refused to give them any, they ransacked his home and found all the money that had been sent by CLC Kinship to help care for orphaned children in their care. More than $6,000 was taken. Pastor K. also reported that a Baptist pastor of a large congregation in the same area was arrested and later released after they took more than $19,000 from his congregation. There is concern that they will come again to demand more money from Pastor K. assuming that he is receiving financial support from the U.S.  It has been reported that the military is using torture to get to those who are planning and leading the resistance.  Pray for justice and peace for all the people of Myanmar.  Pray especially for our brothers and sisters in Christ that the Lord will grant them strength and courage and boldness during these difficult times. Ask our loving Lord to protect Pastor K., his family, and the children he and his wife care for from further violence and suffering.

India – Extremely heavy rains have caused extensive flooding throughout many of the regions of southern India in places where the BELC is working. Leaders of the BELC have reported that around 400 BELC pastors, their families, and those they serve have been affected. The CLC Board of Missions recently sent disaster aid to provide some minimal assistance to those who are suffering. Ask the Lord to provide all that is needed for our brothers and sisters in Christ, who have so little to begin with, to recover from the floods. Pray for the Holy Spirit to strengthen the faith of those affected that they may shine forth with the light of Christ to those suffering around them that are trapped in the darkness of unbelief.

Bangladesh – Pastor M. recently had his home broken into on a Sunday morning while he was conducting a worship service. His laptop and all of his money were stolen.  He is fairly convinced that he was targeted because he is a Christian pastor. Pray that the Lord would bring justice to this situation and that Pastor M.'s property will be returned. Pastor M. also asks that we continue to pray for himself and several individuals who have recently converted to Christianity from Hinduism.  These individuals have been physically assaulted, persecuted, and falsely accused of crimes. One man (an evangelist/elder) and his wife were assaulted.  The evangelist/elder was hospitalized with a fractured skull and brain damage and continues to suffer.  Ask the Lord to protect and defend His new disciple and to give him the necessary strength and courage to persevere under persecution.

Nepal – Pastor Raju recently injured his neck. He underwent an MRI to determine the extent of the injury. Thankfully, it was determined that surgery was not required. A neck brace and physical therapy over the past three weeks have shown positive results. He received word this week that he should be able to begin traveling again soon. Thank the Lord for providing good medical care for Raju and that He has blessed him with quick healing.  The building project has been delayed due to Hindu festivals and Raju’s injury. Pray that construction will be able to get back on track so that seminary classes can begin in February.

Liberia – Pastor John Hein recently returned home from a visit to Liberia where he and Pastor Joseph along with others of the CLC-Liberia spent time traveling to different areas of rural Liberia to conduct Bible seminars for several groups of pastors and leaders who are interested in learning more from the CLC and becoming better equipped to be faithful preachers and teachers of God’s saving word. Thank the Lord for safe and uneventful travels for Pastor Hein to and from Liberia and while he was in-country.  Ask the Lord to bless the Word that was taught and preached in the seminars that it will accomplish that for which He sent it as He has promised.

Tanzania – Missionary Ohlmann will be returning home on December 9th from a one-month visit with the CLC-TZ. While he was there, he had the opportunity to preach for the graduation of five students from the Wittenburg Lutheran Theological Seminary in Arusha. He was also able to travel extensively through the districts of the TZ-CLC to conduct pastoral training seminars and visit new preaching stations. The seminary faculty is currently interviewing a new cohort of students to begin classes in late January.  Ask for the Lord’s continued blessings as they begin their new calling from the Lord in the Gospel ministry.  Pray that the Lord will provide faithful men for the school year.

2022 Mission Helper Trip – The CLC Mission Helper Trip that was canceled in 2020 and 20211 is tentatively scheduled for East Africa in July of 2022.  Our brothers and sisters in Christ in East Africa are eager for the Mission Helper Teams to come again to assist them in the work of proclaiming God’s saving word.  Pray that our Savior will clear any obstacles that may stand in the way of this trip.

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