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April 2021 - CLC Mission Opportunities Prayer List


CLC Foreign Missions Prayer List – April 2021 

Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord may run swiftly and be glorified, just as it is with you... 2 Thessalonians 3:1

Myanmar – The military take-over of Myanmar has brought protests and violence between the military and citizens for the past couple of months. Several hundred civilians have been killed and injured. Our brothers and sisters in Christ of the NLC and the CLCM are facing danger as much of the violence has been taking place near where they live in both Yangon and Kalaymyo. Pastor Kham, his family, and the orphans they care for have been taking shelter when gunfire erupts just blocks away. They have found bullets lodged in the walls of their home. All of the banks have shut down their computers and ATMs to prevent the military from seizing the funds. And yet amid this violence, they were able to travel to more rural areas during the Easter weekend to proclaim the Good News of the Resurrection and to baptize several new believers. With the recent death of Pastor Charles in Yangon, the ministry of the NLC-Myanmar is somewhat in flux. Pray that the Lord will keep and protect and provide for His people in Yangon, Kalaymyo, and Chin State and that their faith will be strengthened during these uncertain times. Praise the Lord for allowing His word to be spread during these uncertain times and for leading hearts to repentance and saving faith in our Savior! 

Nepal – Pastoral training and graduation/ordination at the Himalayan Bible Institute have been postponed several times throughout much of the past year. They are planning, praying, and hoping they will be able to have a graduation and ordination service on April 27th while Missionary Ohlmann is there. A recent increase in Covid cases has caused the government to consider new restrictions in the coming days. Pray that the Lord will bless their plans to conduct the graduation/ordination service and begin classes with the students as planned.

Bangladesh – Several months ago Pastor Monotosh and his family were evicted from the home they had been renting because of their Christian faith. They were able to rent a different house in a new village, but the owner has forbidden any type of Christian activities. No worship services have been held in the home, but individuals have come to Pastor Monotosh for prayer and pastoral advice. Because of this, they have been asked to vacate. They continue to look for a new place to live and work. Despite these difficulties, they continue to proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ and several Hindu converts were recently baptized. In addition to the struggles of the current pandemic, many members of the BLCM have been trying to rebuild following a devasting cyclone last fall.  Pray for God’s guidance, strength, and courage to continue to boldly and faithfully proclaim His Law and Gospel for the salvation of souls in Bangladesh.

India – On April 7th, the BELC graduated and ordained twenty-five men from the Martin Luther Bible Institute.  The CLCI seminary continues to have classes and is on schedule to graduate and ordain seventeen pastors soon. Pray for God’s continued blessings and protection for the sheep of His India flock as they continue to face persecution and hardship under the rule of Hindu nationalists.

Nigeria – Immanuel Lutheran Seminary of the NCLC currently has six students enrolled. The faculty is planning some improvements to the facilities with a grant from the CLC-MDF. The NCLC Mission Board recently visited Bayelsa State to visit with several independent pastors and congregations who are seeking more theological training and fellowship The decision was made to call a pastor to serve in this area for two years to lead and train these pastors and congregations. Pray for the students and faculty, that the Lord will provide all that is necessary for their training. Ask the Lord to bless the efforts of the NCLC Mission Board to bring the truth of God’s saving word to a new area of Nigeria.

Togo – With the aid of an MDF grant, two small structures are planned for the MELC farmland north of Lomé. These structures will be the first step to starting pastoral training classes with several men in the area who desire to start congregations in this rural area. Thank the Lord for this opportunity to train more men for the Gospel ministry.

D.R. Congo – Several students are beginning their final year of instruction at the Holy Trinity Bible Institute. They will be working on their doctrinal theses in the coming months in preparation for graduation and ordination. Pray that the Lord will bless their study of His word.

Liberia – Pastor Joseph and the congregation he serves are about to begin construction on a church building. They plan to begin foundation work during the dry season. Pray that the Lord would bless and provide for this project so that it can be completed in a timely manner for the furtherance of the Gospel in Liberia.

Tanzania – Faculty, and students continue to make improvements at the Wartburg Lutheran Seminary in Arusha. The next phase of improvements includes a small addition that will serve as a library and study room for the students. Eight students are currently enrolled with five scheduled to graduate and be ordained in November. Ask the Lord to provide all that is necessary for the education and training of these men to serve as faithful preachers and teachers of God’s saving word.

South Sudan – Pastor Nathaniel Bol and his daughter have been very ill and have traveled to Kenya for medical treatment. His illness has kept him from the ministry for some time. When he is physically able, he plans to meet with the leaders of the South Sudan Evangelical Lutheran Church to present and discuss what he has learned about the CLC. Pray that the Lord will restore the health of Pastor Bol and his daughter and that our doctrinal discussions will bear fruit for our Savior’s kingdom.

Kenya – the water well project at Moi’s Bridge is almost complete and classes are being held again at both KINSHIP schools. The pandemic has been especially difficult for the schools with the small classrooms and the required distancing measures in place. Pray that the Lord will provide all that is needed for these schools and faithful teachers that the truths of God’s saving Word may be taught faithfully to the children in their care.

New and Ongoing Contacts – The Lord continues to provide opportunities to proclaim the truths of His saving word in different areas of the world in places such as South Sudan, Pakistan, Yemen, Egypt, Burundi, Puerto Rico, Haiti, Columbia, Russia, and Italy. Thank the Lord for the privilege of teaching His word to others! And Pray for these individuals as they seek to grow in their understanding of God’s word to be better equipped to spread the Gospel in the places they live.

Missionary Evensen – was recently diagnosed and treated for Malaria. Tests now show that the treatment was successful, and he is Malaria free. He has submitted his passport to the U.S. Embassy in Togo for renewal so he can return to the U.S. this summer to attend the CLC Convention in June. Praise the Lord for blessing the medicine he received and for restoring him to good health.  And pray that his passport will be renewed in time for his scheduled return to the U.S.!

Missionary Ohlmann – will be traveling to Nepal on April 18th. While in Nepal he will attend the graduation/ordination service for the graduating students of the Himalayan Bible Institute, teach pastor training seminars in three districts, visit the Himalayan Bible Institute/HCLCN construction site, and preach for the opening service for the new cohort of students. Pray for God’s blessings on this trip that the current pandemic will not interfere with travel and ministry plans.

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