Thursday, February 13, 2020

February 2020 - CLC Mission Opportunities Prayer List...

·         D.R. Congo – On February 23rd and March 1st graduation and ordination services will be held for the men who have completed theological training through the CCLC Holy Trinity Lutheran Bible Institute. These men will serve as pastors and evangelists of the Congregation Confessionnelle Lutheranienne Du Congo (CCLC). Give thanks to the Lord for providing for the training these men have received through the support of CLC Project Kinship. Ask the Lord to continue to bless their labors that many may be led to repent of their sins and to rejoice with us in the salvation that Jesus won for all people on the cross. 

·         Nepal – The Himalayan CLC of Nepal has purchased a small piece of land in a rural area west of Kathmandu with the intention of constructing a multi-purpose building that will serve as a home, HCLCN office, Bible Institute, library, and worship facility. The CLC Board of Missions has approved funding assistance for this project through the Mission Development Fund. Pray that our Lord will bless this project so that this facility will serve His kingdom for years to come as a place where many will be trained to be faithful preachers and teachers of His saving word! Pray also that God will move the hearts of His children here in the U.S. and also in Nepal to support this project with offerings of time, talent, and treasure.

·         Bangladesh and India Visitation – Pastor David Reim and Missionary Ohlmann have both returned home safely. Following a successful visit to Bangladesh, Missionary Ohlmann had his Indian visa revoked, was denied entry, and was deported at the airport in Chennai, India. Pastor Reim, who was traveling on a temporary visa, was allowed to enter India and spent three weeks attending the Joint Asia Pastoral Conference and working with the two church bodies that we are in fellowship with.  Thank the Lord for these opportunities to proclaim the Gospel. Pray for the political situation in India that is bringing hardship and persecution to Christians. Ask the Lord to protect His children in India and to give them strength and boldness to proclaim His word in the face of persecution. Petition the Lord, according to His will, to clear the way for Missionary Ohlmann to get a new visa that will allow him to begin visiting our brothers and sisters in India again. Pray for the many, many souls in India who do not yet believe in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior that they may hear and believe God’s saving word.

·         Tanzania – Pastor Godson Mshana was recently involved in a motorcycle accident. His leg was injured and will spend the next couple of months at his son’s house in Arusha while he goes through rehab. Pray that the Lord will grant quick and complete healing so that Pastor Mshana will be able to return to his teaching duties at the Wartburg Lutheran Seminary.

·         Tanzania – The second year of classes have begun at the Wartburg Lutheran Seminary of the CLC-Tanzania. Six students from three districts of the CLC-Tanzania are attending classes through CLC Project Kinship sponsors. Pray that the Lord will bless these men and their families with everything needed as they spend their time preparing to be faithful preachers and teachers of God’s saving word. Pray also for the teachers and staff that the Lord will continue to give them the wisdom, strength, and guidance needed for the work they have been given.

·         Missionary Travels – Missionary Ohlmann will be leaving for several weeks of travel on Sunday, February 16th. He will spend three weeks in the D.R. Congo, two weeks in Myanmar, and two weeks in Nepal. Ask the Lord to grant safe and uneventful travels, good health, wisdom, patience, and love as he attends and preaches at two seminary graduation services, two ordination services, several churches, teaches and encourages several pastors and students, and conducts pastoral training and Gospel outreach seminars.

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