Monday, November 4, 2019 the Democratic Republic of Congo

All checked in and patiently waiting for my first of three flights on my to the Democratic Republic of Congo...Lagos to Kigali to Johannesburg to Lumbumbashi.

If all goes according to plan, I'll meet up with Missionary Peter and Pastor Kossi (flying from Lomé, Togo) in Johannesburg for the last leg of the journey.

We'll spend the next couple of weeks working with Pastor Yumba in Lumbumbashi and Pastor Jacques Pondi Lumiangu in Kinshasa.

I've been denied a visa to vist the DRC three times over the past couple of years. I'm thankful to the Lord for clearing this obstacle and I'm very much looking forward to another visit with my brothers and sisters in Christ!

We'll be conducting a four day pastoral training seminar, visiting the Holy Trinity Lutheran Bible Institute building project, discussing seminary curriculum and future plans, and doing evangelism with Pastor Yumba in the southeast part of the DRC.

In Kinshasa, near the western border of the DRC, we'll be conducting the first face to face doctrinal discussions and visit with Pastor Lumiangu.

As always, prayers for safe and uneventful travel are requested and appreciated. Pray also that the Holy Spirit will bless and sanctify our every thought, word, and deed according to His will for the furtherance of His kingdom! 

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Unknown said...

May God keep you safe in Nigeria and throughout your entire trip. Enjoy the weather there--it was 16 degrees this morning and will warm up to 38 today. Getting ready for deer hunting this weekend.
God's blessings,
Len & Carol