Tuesday, January 8, 2019

CLC Mission Opportunities Prayer List - 8 JAN 2019

Finally, brethren, pray for us, that the word of the Lord 
may run swiftly and be glorified, just as it is with you...
2 Thessalonians 3:1

1.    Missionary to India – Our missionary to India is planning a late January return to India. Pray that the Lord will bless his travel plans. Pray that he will have a safe and uneventful trip and that there will be no issues clearing through immigration upon his return to India.

2.     Visiting Missionary – Missionary Ohlmann departed on Wednesday, January 9th for visits to Tanzania, Zambia, Myanmar, Nepal, and Bangladesh. He will be gone from home for almost nine weeks. He is scheduled to return home in mid-March. Pray for safe and uneventful travel and for his family while he is away.

3.    CLC Mission Helper Program – The application period for the 2019 trip to India has come to close. The 2019 Mission Helper Team will be announced after the Board of Missions has had an opportunity to approve the applicants for participation. Pray for the volunteers over the next several months as they make preparations to proclaim the Good News of Jesus Christ to thousands of children in July. Pray also for the pastors and leaders of the CLCI and BELC in India as they prepare to host the 2019 Mission Helper volunteers.

4.    TanzaniaThe leaders of the CLC-Tanzania will meet with Missionary Ohlmann in January to finalize plans before classes begin in February at the newly established Wartburg Lutheran Seminary in Arusha, Tanzania. There are currently twelve men from four districts who are planning to attend. Pray for both students and teachers that the Lord will bless this effort and that He will provide all that is necessary for this important work to go forward.

5.    Zambia – Missionary Ohlmann will be in Zambia in late January and early February. He will have the opportunity to teach pastoral training seminars in the Lusaka, Livingstone, and Kitwe districts. Pastor Ibrahim has recently moved the headquarters of the CLC-Zambia from Lusaka to Livingstone. They hope to property that can serve as a church, Bible Institute, living quarters, and student dormitory. Pray that the Lord will bless their plans and provide the resources necessary to serve the sheep of God’s CLC-Zambia flock and train men to serve as faithful preachers and teachers of His saving word.

6.    Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) – Due to the current political climate, refugee crisis, and on-going armed conflict, it has been a few years since our CLC missionaries have been able to acquire the necessary visa to visit DRC. Leaders of the CLC-D.R. Congo will travel over the border into Zambia in late January to meet with Missionary Ohlmann while is making his annual visit to the CLC-Zambia.

7.    Myanmar – Seminars in Kalaymyo and Yangon will be conducted while Missionary Ohlmann visits in February. Pray that the Lord will bless these seminars that many will be strengthened in their faith and that those who hear the truth for the first time will be led by the Holy Spirit to repent and in saving faith rejoice in the forgiveness of sins, salvation, and eternal life through Jesus Christ.

8.    Nepal – Translation of Luther’s Large Catechism into Nepalese has recently been completed and five-hundred copies will be printed and ready for distribution to the pastors of the HCLC-Nepal in February. The pastors will then begin leading congregations and preaching stations through a study this book. This project was made possible through a grant from the CLC Mission Development Fund (MDF). Thank the Lord for providing the gifts, abilities, and resources to complete this project. Pray that the Lord will bless the study of His word and strengthen the faith of those who are given the opportunity to study this book together with their pastor.

9.    Nepal CLC Board of Missions Chairman, Joel Krafft will join Missionary Ohlmann in Nepal in mid-February. Together they will visit several congregations and meet with the pastors and students of the Himalayan Church of the Lutheran Confession of Nepal for a training seminar. While in Nepal they will also have the opportunity to travel to the recently established Dang district to meet with the pastors and students who are training to be faithful preachers and teachers of God’s saving word. Pray for safe travels and success in the proclamation of God’s saving word.

10.  BangladeshAfter more than three years of extensive Online Theological Studies correspondence courses, Board of Missions chairman Joel Krafft and Missionary Ohlmann will visit Bangladesh for our first face to face meetings with the president and leaders of the Bangladesh Lutheran Church Mission (BLCM). Pray that the Lord will bless these meetings as we work toward establishing agreement in doctrine.

11.  Nigeria – Rejoice in the Lord’s provision as two men who have successfully completed the five-year seminary course of the NCLC Luther Bible Institute graduated in December. These two men were ordained and assigned to the congregation they will serve. Pray that the Lord will bless their ministry!

12.  Nigeria – Our brothers and sisters in Christ of the Nigeria-CLC are facing a variety of challenges as they work together to provide both spiritual and bodily care for orphaned children. They are currently working to develop guidelines and policies that are in compliance with the regulations of the Nigeria Ministry of Women and Children’s Welfare. If and when they are able to re-open the NCLC Children’s Home the CLC Kinship Committee will be involved in providing support for these children. Please pray that the Lord will provide the NCLC the wisdom, compassion, and all that is needed to carry out this important work of love, care, and compassion.

13.  CLC Online Theological Studies – continue to pray for individuals in the following countries around the world who are studying God’s word through email correspondence courses as they continue to train to be faithful preachers and teachers of God’s saving word:
1.    Senegal, West Africa
2.    D. R. Congo, Central Africa
3.    Togo, West Africa
4.    Liberia, West Africa
5.    Bangladesh, South East Asia
6.    Zimbabwe, Africa
7.    Myanmar, South East Asia
8.    Tanzania, East Africa
9.    Kenya, East Africa
10.   Uganda, East Africa

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