Saturday, August 19, 2017

Temporarily Out of Commission...

It looks like I will be laying low for awhile. As it turns out...I'm not twenty years old anymore, even though my mind tells me otherwise most of the time.
I took a tumble off my bike on Sunday (8/11) evening. The tumble involved a small bridge, my face, the side of a ravine on a silly little mountain bike trail near our house, and a broken neck.
Technically, I fractured the C3 vertebrae. And I unknowingly walked around that way for three days. After an xray at urgent care revealed the fracture on Wednesday afternoon and a CT scan in the ER confirmed it later that day, I spent a long night pretty much immobilized in a hospital bed while being prepped for surgery on Thursday. You can imagine how thankful Beth and I were when the neurosurgeon finally came in with the results of the MRI late that afternoon showing that the fracture is considered stable and he is not recommending surgery! I just have to be careful, take it easy, wear a cervical collar 24/7 for at least two months, and come in for regular exams.
We're thanking the Lord for His love and protection because it looks like this was very close to being much, much worse. Please don't worry, the Lord has all of this under control and He has given me an awesome wife and family to help me along!

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